Property Management


The Lease will set out the responsibilities of the Parties with regards to maintenance and repairs. Francis Butson & Associates will undertake to maintain the structure of the building and the common parts on behalf of the client. We will deal with all reports of disrepair and remedy those items which fall within the client’s responsibility.

We have an approved panel of specialist contractors and trades suppliers. The contractors we use range from “one man and a van” to larger building companies. We have worked with the majority of them for many years and ensure they continue to deliver a cost effective and reliable service.


Francis Butson & Associates will arrange many programmed services for the building and its grounds. Cleaning and gardening are important as they have a significant visual impact on the overall appearance and enjoyment of the environment. Cleaning and gardening is carefully monitored in order to maintain consistently high standards.

We also arrange for all other servicing and testing where required on all shared facilities such as lifts, door entry systems, electronic gates, fire safety equipment, emergency lighting, CCTV etc.


We prepare work specifications and maintenance plans to suit the requirements of the development from cleaning and gardening to redecoration. We also work with specialist consultants and surveyors to prepare specifications for major items of renewal and repair.


If required, Francis Butson & Associates will arrange for a qualified surveyor to provide the expertise to survey, arrange tenders and supervise major projects. If the cost of the work is likely to exceed the limits currently set by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, before carrying out the work, we will carry out the necessary consultation with the Leaseholders in compliance with the statutory requirements.


Should an emergency situation arise at a building outside of normal office working hours Francis Butson & Associates provide an out of hours’ emergency service to give advice and support to residents. If required we will arrange for a contractor to attend the site and where possible make the necessary repair or other temporary measures to ensure the building is safe and limit further damage.


Current legislation requires compliance in a wide range of health and safety regulations. There can be serious consequences if these regulations are neglected. A Fire Risk Assessment is mandatory on all leasehold property where there are common parts. The Fire Risk Assessment should be regularly reviewed to record any changes.

Health & Safety audits will also be carried out to ensure current legislation is being adhered to and to highlight potential problems.
There are other legislative requirements affecting common parts of buildings including periodic electrical testing, legionella testing on water systems and asbestos checks.


All of our sites are inspected regularly by our dedicated Property Managers to ensure contractors continue to carry out their duties to the high standard we require and to monitor the general condition and wellbeing of the site.

Our aim is to provide a safe, well maintained environment for the benefit and enjoyment of all of the Residents..